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Origin - Destination Departure date Return date Price Find Ticket

Miami ↔ San Juan




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Orlando ↔ San Juan




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Islip ↔ San Juan




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Fort Lauderdale ↔ San Juan




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Philadelphia ↔ San Juan




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Chicago ↔ San Juan




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Charlotte ↔ San Juan




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New York ↔ San Juan




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Baltimore ↔ San Juan




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Nashville ↔ San Juan




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Windsor Locks ↔ San Juan




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Pittsburgh ↔ San Juan




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Atlanta ↔ San Juan




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Jacksonville ↔ San Juan




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Denver ↔ San Juan




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Buffalo ↔ San Juan




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Boston ↔ San Juan




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Washington ↔ San Juan




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Santo Domingo ↔ San Juan




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Ottawa ↔ San Juan




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5 Nice Places to Visit in Puerto Rico San Juan
  • A Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation In Puerto Rico

    For a Luxury Vacation in Puerto Rico or a Caribbean Honeymoon resort you need not look beyond The Horned Dorset Primavera. A tiny, very secret near perfect Puerto Rico honeymoon vacation spot is a very good description for the world class Horned Dorset which is to be found on the quiet as yet undeveloped west coast of Costa Rico, situated in 8 acres on a hillside. Many people believe that not only is the Horned Dorset’s restaurant the finest in the Caribbean, but the guest rooms rate amongst the finest as well. You will find 22 villas all whitewashed scattered around the tropical gardens in such a way as to guarantee privacy, and also done in such a way as […]
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  • A Stay at Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

    One of the most used departure ports for cruise ships in the Caribbean is San Juan in Puerto Rico. We decided to arrive a day early to San Juan in order to see some sights before our cruise ship departure. San Juan, known as ‘La Ciudad Amurallada’ (the walled city), was founded in 1521 and is the oldest city under the US flag. During the 16th century, the Spanish used it as a point of departure for expeditions to the New World. Fortifications in the Old San Juan section of the city repulsed numerous attacks from the English and the Dutch during those years. Today, Old San Juan is a charming seven square block commercial and residential area with cobblestone […]
    Cheap Tickets Puerto Rico
There are a lot of places to visit in Puerto Rico on your trip. Most people concentrate on the main attractions on the metropolitan area of the island, here we feature 5 nice places to visit out of the way, they are worth the driving and the experience, enjoy.
May 12, 2018
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