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Frequently Asked Questions Cheapestflights24.com

How To Find Cheapest Flights 

Compare Flights prices with Two Flight Search engine on our website rates are not equal,
We Provide you two Different Airline Tickets Search The Mean Flight Tickets Price Different

Go to Cheapest Flights Search Page


How To Find Cheap Flights and Book Cheapest Tickets 

Choose The Map to Find Alternative Airport Detention


Change your Origin Airport If you Have Second Airport






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How do I book multiple Destinations & Flights Multi city route?

If you wish to involve multiple cities on your trip, you can use the special option at the top of our airfare search engine. The option generally says "Multi-City" or "Multiple Destinations." This takes you to a page that allows up to four "segments." One segment means flying from A-to-B. You might not need all the blanks but you can always leave the last few blanks empty. On the multi-city page, you could try to return from a different city than you land at (A-to-B then C-to-A), called an open-jaw trip. You could also do A-to-B then B-to-C. Meanwhile, A-to-B-to-C-to-D-to-A would be a long circle trip (7 segments). A maximum of 7 segments is allowed on all reservations.

Did We sell ✈ AirlineTickets

No, we do not sell Tickets, and you can not Book directly on the cheapestflights24.com You book your flight, hotel on the partner's website to which you will be forwarded after selecting the offer.

Did you pay US money

Free service To Compare Travel and Airline site Who cravings of you No money so you Pay with us No money or fee.

Flights Tickets Price


Rates are included in the Final Rates?

The goal of cheapestflights24.com is to create as much price transparency as possible We constantly working to make prices even more transparent. The big challenge is the (partially hidden) additional fees, which vary greatly depending on the partner and type of the additional service. Charges for luggage and seat selection.

Flights Tickets Price / cookies to increase prices.

Cheapest Flights 24 never collects IP addresses or uses cookies to increase prices. We search the partner websites in real time and find the best offers at the time of your search. We are not interested in driving up the prices because it is our aim to show you the best and most competitive offers at any time.

Hotels Booking + Price

With the low price guarantee, you can be sure that you get the best online rate available to hotel rooms around the world. All hotel providers Simultaneously.

Booking: Questions & problems


What I should look for before booking an air ticket

Please check all dates, such as departure airport, travel period, possible stopovers, flight class, ticket price, information on carrying a piece of luggage, number of passengers and all personal data.

if I have questions about an existing Booking

If you have any questions regarding a booking, please contact the provider from which you made the booking. Cheapest Flights 24 Search has no access to reservations, Bookings or your Personal Data.

Change Booking Date and Booking Confirmation E-mail.

If you have problems with your Booking or would like to change it, you should contact the provider you booked with. If you are not sure which provider it was, you can find it on your booking confirmation, which you received by E-mail. You can also check your account statement or credit card statement to see which provider you paid the amount of the ticket. Cheapest Flights 24 has no information about your booking and therefore we can not make any changes or send you a confirmation. You will receive the confirmation of reservation or booking from the respective provider, at which you have made the Booking / reservation. This can be Up to 24 hours. If you have not received an e-mail before, please check your SPAM folder before contacting the appropriate ticket provider.

Can I trust the Airline Ticket providers on Fly Cheapest Flights

Yes! We have only vendors on our side that we classify as trustworthy. In addition, we are constantly in contact with the suppliers to ensure they meet our requirements.

How do I pay for my Airline Tickets Booking Cost

Once you have opted for a specific flight offer and clicked on the forwarding to the provider, enter your personal data. You will then receive information about the different payment options for the ticket agent. As a rule, several payment methods are available. If you have any questions about payment and the different methods, please contact the provider you wish to make the booking.

Taxes handling

Taxes, handling fees and other surcharges are not always included in the initial price. Click through to the final page to effectively compare cost. Airfare may be quoted in the airline or consolidator's local currency only. Converting fares to a single currency will facilitate comparison

why i don't Find Cheap Flights to my Destination

1Flights Search Destinations NO found?
If you simply received a blank screen when trying a search, please send us feedback ([email protected]) . If you typed in dates and destinations to begin an airfare search but you were returned to the home page with a notice "No fares found" for your itinerary, then most likely this can be explained in one of the following ways :
2Very minor Airports
(1) - Your search involved one or more very minor airports that have very few flights each day, and the trip would require using multiple airlines, but these airlines do not have agreements to be placed on the same reservation together. If this may be your case, try searching fares using nearby, larger cities.
3Changing your search Time
(2) - You searched very specific times of day but there are no flights we could detect that were close to those time. You might try changing your search settings to "Any Time

Domestic and international flights?

1What are the check-in procedures for domestic and international flights?
Firstly, always reconfirm your flights directly with the airline 24 hours prior to departure, as airlines do make schedule changes. For a list of airline phone numbers, please visit our Airline Contact page. When packing, please remember that new Federal carry-on rules allow for only one standard-size carry-on bag and one personal item such as purse, laptop computer, small book-type backpack or briefcase. The Transportation Security Administration requests travelers not to lock their checked luggage. If your bag is locked and there is a need to inspect the bag, the locks will be removed by security. New Federal security rules require customers who have checked baggage to fly on the same flight as their checked bags. If you are checking your bags, be sure your name and contact information is on the outside and inside of each bag. If you're checking bags for a domestic flight, you should arrive at the airport 90 minutes prior to departure. If you only have carry-on luggage, plan to arrive 60 minutes prior to departure. For international flights, it is recommended that you arrive at least two hours prior to departure. All international travellers will need their passports. Have your government-issued photo ID available at all times, as well as a printed itinerary if you are traveling with an electronic ticket. As per FAA rules, if you are traveling on a domestic flight with a child or children under the age of 18, they do not need a photo ID as long as the accompanying adult certifies their identity. As always, passengers should reconfirm their flight times directly with the airlines either the night before or early the day of departure to ensure that no last minute schedule changes have occurred. If you wish to reconfirm your flights with the airlines or if you have any questions about a particular airline's rules, please contact the airlines directly. For a list of airline phone numbers, please visit the Airline Contact page. To see at any time whether the airlines have updated global systems with changed flights,
2What are Visas and passports and do I need them to travel?
Each country has its own Visa and Passport requirements. It is up to each individual to determine the Visa and Passport requirements for the country they will be visiting. For some helpful advice on foreign entry Country Information - Travel State - US Department of State
April 7, 2019
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